Why We Think Asheville Is The Best

We have met a lot of people from all around the country and the world at this point.  We have many friends who live all over the place.  The one question we get consistently is why we live and work in Asheville.  A lot of people simply haven’t heard of it, so they don’t really realize how great it is.  We thought we would put together our top reasons for why we love living and working in this great state and great city so much.


Having the Blue Ridge Parkway right here is just amazing.  You get to drive for 10 minutes and then find some amazing hikes that would truly make people jealous.  I don’t think anyone realizes just how breathtaking the area surrounding Asheville is.  The city itself is also actually very pretty, which is again something that I don’t think a lot of people understand or appreciate.  Whenever anyone comes and visits the city and the area for the first time, they are always blown away by how pretty it is.


You would be hard pressed to find a set of people better and more friendly than the good people of Asheville.  It’s something that will keep us here for the long haul.  I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else because this is the most interesting and friendly group of people that I have ever found.


In addition to the people, there is a great sense of community here.  You really feel like you are living in a city on a hill.  Everyone is friendly and wants to help other people and the community as a whole out.


The food here is fantastic.  The farm to table options are unrivaled in this country and it’s sort of a hidden gem that most people don’t know about.

All in all, North Carolina is a fantastic and diverse state, and Asheville is our favorite city in the country.  We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

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